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April 19, 20233 mins read

How to collaborate with other musicians

By Leesa

Have you always wanted to collaborate with another musician, but you weren’t really sure where to start? We hear you! It can feel like an impossible feat when you are not studying at a university or don’t know any musicians in your local area. Don’t worry, we got you!

Think about what you want to collaborate on

Before you go on Vampr and start your search, think about what it is you actually want to create. Are you a producer? Do you want to produce some existing original songs with some emerging artists? Perhaps you are a guitarist, looking to become part of a band. Or, maybe you just want to jam and as a saxophone player, you need a chordal instrument to hold down the rhythm while you tear up a solo!

Either way, be certain so you can search with some confidence and purpose.

Decide on who your next collaborator looks like

So, you have made a decision on what your collaboration will look like in reality. You are sure that is where you want to start and now you just need to find another creative! But, who is that? What does that person look like? What do they play? Do you prefer a specific gender? Are they local or international? Do you want to meet in person or do it all online? What tone or special qualities should this musician have? Do you want someone around your age or maybe a bit older so you can get some more traditional influences?

Make a list of all of your preferences. Think very clearly about what your ideal person looks like, sounds like, is located, and their general vibe and energy.

Go to Vampr and search for someone keen to collaborate

Yay, now it is time to find your next collaborator! This is the fun part. Open the Vampr app and head to the Connect tab. You can start swiping right away! Left for pass and right to connect. However, if you want to find your person faster and more efficiently, there are a few things you can do!

Adjust your filters so that they narrow down your search. In the top left-hand corner, you will see a filter icon. Click it and set your filters by preference. You can search by distance and location, for members with tracks and videos uploaded, and for pro members, by genre, gender, and age range.

Just like you can filter out profiles with missing bits and bobs, so too can other people. So, another way to find your tribe faster is to make sure they like what they see when you try and connect! That means you need to make sure your profile is entirely up to date, that is has example tracks and videos and any relevant information or content that showcases your talent.

Send notes, ask questions

When you do find someone who seems like they could be your next collaborator, don’t take any chances. Send a note with your connection request and tell them what you are looking for. You can also ask questions and find out more about them. Not only will they feel that you are interested in them, you will find out everything you need to know that much faster.

Connect and collaborate

Now you have their details, you have spoken about your passions and you agree a collaboration is in order! Whether that be online, or in person, make it happen sooner rather than later. Make sure you verbalize any agreements or song splits for copyright so that is clear from the beginning.

Document your collaboration journey and save it as social media content for later! We also love hearing collaboration stories from our community. If you have an epic collaboration story to share, make sure you email us so we can feature you! We have 80k+ followers on Instagram and we love championing our community.

Have a collaboration to tell us about? Email [email protected]

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