Vampr Pro Academy is a step-by-step guide to everything you need to know when stepping into the professional music arena! Music Lessons become life lessons! Male Pupil With Teacher Playing Piano In Music Lesson By monkeybusiness
May 23, 2022

Music Teacher Appreciation – The Best Lessons And Teachers on Vampr Pro Academy

The music industry is an incredible place to make a name for yourself. It is full of unique individuals with creativity and vision. It can also be one of the most aggressive, fast-paced and competitive environments on earth. Every advantage that you can create for yourself brings you one step closer to making it in the business and one step closer than the hundreds, possibly thousands of other people trying to do the same thing. You’ll need a resource, a tool that will help you make your name in the industry with networking, but also by helping to teach our members the essentials of the business side of the music industry.  Music lessons are the beginning of your creative journey, but Vampr Pro Academy is your training on how to make it in the industry and become successful! 

Vampr Pro Academy is a step-by-step guide to everything one would need to know when stepping into the professional music arena. These could be definitions and expressions of slang and terminology that a music professional should be familiar with, or descriptions of certain jobs and technologies that music professionals will want to familiarize themselves with. The coursework is created by musicians for musicians, with the goal of bringing every user up to speed with the basics of the music industry. Everything is covered from legal issues about copyright of songs, to how royalties work, the practical economics of live music, all the way to what representation should do for an artist or a band and an awful lot of music business education in between. 

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Music Lessons And Life Lessons

We want musicians of all levels of experience and expertise to fully maximize every possible resource our social network provides. Musicians and adjacent musical creatives are the primary users of our platform as well as its greatest resource, and music is one of the greatest pleasures in life, no matter if you are making the music or only listening to it. That’s why it’s so important for artists to find a way not only to break into the industry but to explore their art and connect with each other. Vampr is committed to helping musicians navigate the business side of our world as well as the creative and collaborative. We created Pro Academy with a wide selection of lessons to benefit anyone working to make music a career, whether as a performer or as a supporting member of the artistic or production team. Pro Academy provides lessons that give you the tools you need to make it in the industry, teaching you skills that make you more prepared and ready to succeed.

The Pro Academy curriculum covers a vast range of subjects all relevant to specialized roles and issues in the industry while revealing a comprehensive picture of the environment it inhabits. For example, there is a module completely dedicated to representation, within which you will find lessons such as The Role of a Manager, or Management—Fee for Service. For anyone who aspires to follow in the footsteps of someone like David Geffen this module is probably the most important of all with each lesson mapping out know-how vital to managing artists and bands successfully.

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If on the other hand you are the lead singer in a band that is approached by a potential manager or even a label interested in signing you, there are other modules and classes you’ll want to participate in such as
Welcome to the Recording Industry Jungle, or The Art of Negotiation, or When to Use a Lawyer

The 4 Pillars of the Recording Industry is an invaluable class where aspiring professional musicians can learn the most important things all successful artists know about the business side of the music industry. In neighboring lessons you’ll learn about licensing, recording, publishing and how to collect your money. 

In the module Contracts and the Recorded Music Industry you’ll learn to decipher the basics of music contracts, getting a deal, and how to navigate recording agreements. This is the sort of information many artists wish they would have had before signing their first contract, it would have helped protect them from people and management taking advantage of them.

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Every artist is unique and walks a path entirely their own, which is why a customizable curriculum is fundamental to career success. Different modules and classes might have more appeal to you individually, depending on what stage your career is at and what you’re interested in doing within the business. Our advice is to take the time to watch them all, perhaps more than once and allow the nurturing guidance and insight of professional musicians and industry creatives to instruct and strengthen your potential no matter what you wish to accomplish in the music realm.

Now that you have mastered your craft after taking music lessons, it’s time to conquer the music industry and flourish in your career! Knowledge is power and Vampr Pro Academy is a platform designed entirely to give our members indispensable knowledge and masterful instruction within all aspects and all levels of the music business. 

After all, no one has ever thought to themselves, “Man, I would have been better off if I only didn’t know so much about the music industry before I got involved.”

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