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September 25, 2020

Project Sophomore: Development Blog #4

What an exhilarating few weeks! Since relaunching Vampr, updating the brand and rolling out Vampr Pro we’ve been incredibly busy getting back to all things marketing, with tens of thousands of new users joining the platform during this time.

Meanwhile, on the product development front we’ve already pushed lots of new features for Pro and freemium users since launch. Today we’ll take a look at some of these new features while also providing a glimpse at one of the bigger changes we have in store over the coming months.

Let’s start with some of the new Pro features Pro

⚬ Pro users can now hide their age from showing up on their profile – this feature is perfect for businesses and working professionals where age shouldn’t be a factor in drumming up new work.

⚬ Ads can be pesky – especially when you’re paying for a premium service! This is why we are now hiding ads across all Vampr products for our Pro members.

⚬ We have introduced a free 7-day trial so now you can experience the benefits of Pro before committing to one of our low-cost subscription options.

Now let’s dive into some of the exciting new features and improvements available immediately to all Vampr users 😍

⚬ Instagram x Vampr
This is a big one! After many years of user requests we have finally integrated Instagram directly into the Vampr profile. This means you can now link your accounts and show off your visual flair straight from Vampr ‼️ This is especially cool for the visual and graphic artists in our community for whom Soundcloud and YouTube aren’t exactly the best way to communicate your folio or works.

⚬ Chat
We’ve sped up the Messages section in-app by an order of 100x with the introduction of pagination and some additional UX tweaks. We are confident this will improve the Vampr experience for both returning and new users. By all means please let us know in the App Store or Play Store reviews section if you notice an improvement.

⚬ Share
We have added a share button to all profiles. Not only can you now share your own profile or someone else’s anywhere on the web, you can also preview this profile outside of Vampr on any browser and any device. This is especially significant as it marks our first step towards a future desktop experience for Vampr – more on that another time 😉

⚬ Verified Profiles Verified
We have begun verifying profiles so that users can identify Vampr team members and know with confidence whether a notable person is who they say they are. We will also be verifying Vampr users who express an interest in joining our street team to help grow the platform in smaller cities and communities. If you are interested in being part of this program please get in touch via [email protected]

So we’ve been rather busy since launch! But what’s next, we hear you ask? Two words, one GIF.

Social Feed

Animated GIF

Until next time ✌️

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