• Practice Makes Perfect: Are Rehearsals Enough?

    If you rehearse and practice before a big show, does this guarantee the show will be perfect? Absolutely not. As all performing musicians know, there are so many uncontrollable moments when it comes to a live show. You can’t always anticipate a drunken audience member or your band member missing an entry that they have […]

    September 19, 2022
  • How to create eye-catching album art

    Album art is one of many crucial elements in cementing legendary albums in the music industry. They define how we look at a particular album and are key to first impressions and music discovery. The most notable album artworks have earned their rightful place in music history. The Beatles’ Abbey Road album cover made St […]

    September 16, 2022
  • How to deconstruct constructive criticism

    What did that punter mean when they said the show was good but the guitar was too loud? How do you listen and deconstruct constructive criticism and use that to improve? Criticism is the act of giving your opinion or judgment about the good or bad qualities of something or someone. Remember that criticism and music are subjective Firstly, there is no […]

    September 14, 2022
  • How to build an audience: where are my fans?

    When you are an emerging musician, it can be tricky to build an audience and know exactly who your fans are. How do you find people who will resonate with what you are creating? The answer is… there is no one answer! Identify your audience There’s no point making wild guesses about who your fans […]

    August 25, 2022
  • Music release checklist for emerging musicians

    Here is a comprehensive music release checklist of all the things you should be across when releasing music. Before you begin… remember that a music release is a huge task. It can often seem overwhelming and neverending. The best way to tackle something so long-winded is to break it down into sections. Focus on refining […]

    August 23, 2022
  • How to book a live performance as an independent musician

    Booking a live performance as an independent musician can be overwhelming and hard to navigate. Here are some helpful pointers on how to book a live performance. What is a live performance? A live performance is when a singular or group of musicians plays their music at a venue or premise publicly in a live […]

    August 10, 2022