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January 19, 2021

Update on Vampr Publishing

Here comes the sun ?

It’s been eight months since we launched Vampr Publishing (and we’re still working from home!)

Today we wanted to update all stakeholders on how it’s tracking and what we’ve learned since launching this boutique division of the company.

16,710 tracks. 7,591 independent writers.

This is the number of tracks submitted and folks who have signed our sync representation agreement since May 2020.

Users who are signing up to Vampr Publishing submit an average of 2.2 tracks.

Most impressively, in just the past three months, since launching our equity crowdfunding campaign, total submissions have grown by 200%.

Suffice to say our A&R team have their hands full!

A&R and Metadata

One of the challenges we faced immediately was how to sift through such a high volume of submissions. There are several technological solutions which help with the A&R process.

One of those processes is the collection of qualifying or disqualifying metadata.

Given our mission was to create a “One-stop” catalogue we had to ensure that submitting artists owned 100% of the rights in tracks submitted. This has seen us tinkering with the Vampr Publishing onboarding experience to ensure we’re collecting the most useful and complete information.

Launching during COVID-19

In hindsight, launching a product to the entertainment industry in the middle of a global pandemic was always going to mean progress would move slower than anticipated. Film and TV productions ground to a halt, while many music supervisors were furloughed or moved on.

So we used this time to build up our catalogue and develop relationships with select talent. It was clear that this was work that needed to be done in any event; that we needed to build up supply, a catalogue of high-quality original works, before heading into market to procure syncs for our artists.

Next steps

With a growing catalogue of high quality music, and the gradual, albeit uneven, restart of film and TV productions around the world, our focus will shift this year into procuring syncs while still growing the catalogue. We have begun receiving large briefs from agencies and supervisors and some of you may have already received a brief in your inbox depending on suitability.

With all of the moving parts starting to come together we are kicking off 2021 with an exciting and burgeoning catalogue ripe for sync!

Until then ✌️

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